About Us

The extension of our company’s name Mintek is MODERN CONSTRUCTION TECHNIQUES. The name we gave during establishment of our company forms the basis of our company’s policy.

Being Mintek Construction our main object is to be a company that continually renews itself and complies with the progress rapidly by following up the innovations of our sector and applying them in the area bravely.

Our company is proud of being of a company that is in the construction sector at all points (design, engineering, management, sales, after-sales services) integrated to all innovations in the construction sector together with company’s founders and other sub-staffs.

We aim to produce living spaces more comfortable, safely and substantial for individuals by identifying all expectations and needs sensitively related with our customers’ changing life styles. We are aware of each distinct sections we sold that they are a new life. In that context, we conduct our tasks with a policy of environmentally friendly without making any concessions on quality.

All details on our New Nişantepe Çekmeköy Residence Project.

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