Board of Directors Message

Board of Directors Message

Orienting itself with the rapidly changing world standards as a goal and reflect it to our experiences in the sector our company establishes contemporary, comfort and strong living spaces for all types of income groups.

We produce all our projects with the knowledge that the residential building produced is the basic living space of a family or an individual and plan all the processes according to that.

We are aware of environmentally and naturally friendly. We conduct our products by making plan giving minimum damage to nature in all projects.

Our company manage all the process with a great sensitive care from the stage of design to the implementation on site with institutional structure and efficient professional staffs and solution partners by establishing systematic relationships.

We owe thanks to all our employees and solution partners that contribute to our development and we as Mintek Construction adopt that comfort, aesthetic, usefulness and strength are the prerequisite of all studies made without making any concessions on quality.

President of Mintek Construction managing Board
Hüseyin EKŞİ

All details on our New Nişantepe ÇekmeköyResidence Project.

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